WP Hosting Reviews

We feel that it is essential for people to see various reviews of hosting companies, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The methodology of viewing reviews in the fairest ways are only possible when one applies more than one method of review.

This includes, self review by a professionally trained team who purchase hosting from the companies, and judge their server power, customer support and several other things, not only that, but we have a section where some members of the team are trained to view fake reviews left on artificial review websites with the intent to fool the client.

Second, we allow the general public to leave reviews on the page to say their own statements, and each review left, is not immediately visible as we carefully check each review left, and if we cannot verify the review, we simply do not upload it, unlike many review sites online.

Please click on the company you want to view the review of, and you will be taken to their review page.

1. iWebster Review

2. WPengine Review

3. TSOHost Review

4. HostGator Review

5. FastHosts Review

6. HiHosting Review


The above companies are not chosen by random, and you will notice that some big companies have been excluded, such as Godaddy, this is because our team has decided that such companies already are heavily scrutinized on online forums and if one researched enough, they would realize that these general hosting companies are not always ideal for WordPress hosting.