Top Rated Web Hosting Companies


best wordpress UK hosting chart

The above list shows what are rated the Best WordPress Hosting companies in England, and not only that, in the World. Of course, due to intense competition in this crazy world of web hosting, its always foreseeable that there will be other companies out there that are among the elite wordpress companies. This list was designed by top Cambridge University Tech team members who are one of the most trust sources of analysts.

Why on earth would we make a list of the seemingly Best WordPress hosts?

Its not as simple as making a list and that’s that, they have to be constantly looked at, as sometimes company’s management changes, and this causes major changes in how the company is run, even if they don’t intent to change anything. We all seen the example of Steve Jobs – after he passed away, Apple has not been the same; they release of the iPad and the release of the iPhone 5s is not exactly a success compared to their historical products during the time of Steve Jobs.

This is the same; we made this list, to help buyers wanting to quickly purchase from a reliable, known, company, which has reviews not only on third party sites or social media sites, but also forums which are constantly updated with user complaints and, rarely, with user positive feedback.

It’s a known fact that bad news travels faster than good news. One simply has to look on any news channel, its almost a guarantee! There is nothing wrong with it, but its important to keep this in mind when looking at wordpress hosting company reviews. Yes, many companies are playing in the tactic of entering fake reviews on various third party websites to seem great, this is where we come in, and analyze each submission to rate the hosts real rating – although this is a questionable activity, and many would refer to it as unfair, this does not mean the company itself is not reliable – of course, we excluded companies that carry this practice!

The reason for this is because the online world has become more intensely populated with information, this has become a forced tactic by many companies, not only WordPress hosts, but also other industries which are just as competitive (like insurance companies).

How We Analyze these hosts? And how dare we speak ill of other hosting companies listed, or not listed?

Yes, we cannot speak for all hosts, but the hosts listed were analyzed by a trusted team of professionals who know about server management, load sharing, VPS for WordPress and customer support queries. They also know how to detect genuine reviews (to some extent) and are proficient in reviewing these hosts above.

So, Who is the Best WordPress Hosting in the List Above?

best wordpress host england

Hosts are listed from Number one and so on as follows: – They have been around for over 10 years now, and have shown constant progress in their growth. They are the fastest growing WordPress Hosting company around – ironically, they also have the fastest WordPress based servers under their belt. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you give them a try, they have a 30 day money back guarantee, and have no problems refunding payments if anyone wishes to get refunded (this is very important for a company to do in our opinion). – They are also a top WordPress hosting company that have been around for years. Their pricing is higher for many of the features that are normally given for free by iClickster, but they provide a solid hosting service and are reliable for WordPress server hosting. – Many have a love-hate relationship with JustHost, which is understandble, because sometimes they do trip. That said, they still are one of the top companies, and are reliable for niche based WordPress websites.